Thursday, March 03, 2011

Booby Traps

Booby traps can be produced in secret guerrilla factories. Every village or town is charged with the production of its own booby traps.

Guerrillas can sneak out at night and place booby traps around an enemy camp or facility.

Guerrillas can launch a mortar or rocket attack against an enemy base and quickly withdraw. This is done to draw the enemy out of his base afterwards and into the guerrillas booby traps or land mines.

Bamboo markers shaped like pyramids may be placed over booby traps. The bamboo markers are removed before enemies move into the area. This method was used by the Vietcong.

Rifle placed on top of hand grenade. Pin pulled. When the rifle is picked up or lifted, the grenade detonates.
Hot oil, bleach or some other chemical placed in a metal bucket or container and placed on the top of a partially opened door. When the enemy pushes the door open further, the bucket falls, splashing the chemical all over him.
Weapons or bodies left behind and booby-trapped.

Crossbows and old muzzle loaded rifles attached to trip wires used in Vietnam.

Malay Whip- Log attached to two trees by a vine rope triggered by a trip wire.

"Ankle Breakers"
Covered pit
Covered pit with sharpened stakes or spikes inside it.

Covered pit with poisonous snakes placed inside.
Sharpened stakes can be poisoned with rotting meat, human or animal excrement on the tips.

An entire house or building can be booby-trapped to blow up. Explosives are hidden in the walls, and the walls are re-plastered and/or repainted. Wires may be hidden under carpet. About 1,000 lbs of explosives were used in one such attack in Iraq. This tactic has also been used by the Palestinian group HAMAS. Abandoned homes and buildings are often used..

09 APR 2002- 13 israeli soldiers are killed when they enter a building in the Jenin refugee camp that was booby trapped to blow up.

07 DEC 2004- HAMAS guerrillas dig a tunnel to a chicken coop, booby trap the coop, then lure israeli soldiers to the coop with the help of a double agent. The bomb inside kills 1 israeli soldier and his bomb sniffing dog. Two HAMAS members were killed guarding the tunnel underneath. Israel retaliates with an airstrike killing 4 Palestinians.

09 JAN 2008- 6 U.S. soldiers are killed in Iraq in a booby trapped house rigged with explosives.

30 JUL 2014- A booby trapped UN building kills 3 israeli soldiers in Khan Younis, Gaza. HAMAS claims responsibility.

Shoot at a prepositioned propane tank or gas can.

Bows and Arrows
Crossbows and Bolts
Muzzle loading rifles that use black gun powder
Sabots for muzzle loaded rifle bullets

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