Thursday, December 27, 2012

Guerrilla Mining Tactics

Sensitizing anti-tank mines

A sensitized anti-tank mine can be placed under a railroad tracks rail.

On some non-metallic anti-tank mines the pressure plate can be cracked and the spring may be removed to reduce the pressure required to detonate the mine.

The pressure plate can be removed from metallic anti-tank mines to create the same effect.
Anti-tank (AT) and anti-personnel (AP) mines can be mixed together in the same mine field to stop or delay enemy soldiers and vehicles from advancing. This is called a mixed minefield.

Soldiers can sneak out at night and plant landmines around an enemy base or facility, especially near the entrance or roadway. Fire motar rounds inside the enemy base to lure the enemy out.

Plant fake mines above ground so the enemy can see them, or just partially bury them. Dinner plates painted green can be laid on the ground. Tin cans painted green can be strung up in trees or connected from one building to another. Using fake mines can delay enemy forces.

Wooden box mines and plastic mines are more difficult to detect with mine sweeping devices.

One wooden box mine can be stacked on top of another wooden box mine. When the enemy attempts to remove the first mine he will trigger the second.

An anti-tank mine can be covered in plaster and made to look like a brick.

A mine field can be watched by a sniper for a more potent defense.

Mine sites where the enemy will most likely set up Command Post.

Mine potential helicopter landing zones and set ambushes around them.

Landmines planted in potholes in roads.

Mine areas recently cleared of mines by enemy forces. Replace the mines that the enemy has taken out.

Mines can be booby trapped with anti-handling devices.

Larger mines can be buried deeper and given reduced activation pressure.

Mines can be placed at road junctions.

Mines can be laid 5-15 meters from bridges along the approach.

Great care is taken to duplicate old wheel and tread tracks along a fairly active dirt road after mine emplacement.

Anti-Personnel mines placed in tree branches overhanging trails.

In an urbanized environment, mines and booby traps can be hidden in the rubble.

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