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Pro-Government Guerrillas

Anti-Guerrilla (or Anti-Rebel) Guerrillas
Counter Guerrilla Guerrillas

Civilians loyal to the government can form a resistance movement and combat foreign sponsored rebel forces who have taken over the area.  May choose active or passive resistance. The civilian population may even pretend to be friendly with the enemy rebel forces and openly support them, but secretly they wage a war of resistance against the rebels. Once overran by the rebels. weapons and equipment are hidden and cached. Community links are held strong.

Drive-by shootings against the rebels
Sniper attacks against the rebels
Roadside bomb attacks against the rebels
Car bombs used against rebels and terrorist who have taken over certain areas.
Ambushes against the rebels. ("Ambush the ambusher")
Monitoring the activity of rebels in rebel held areas by resistance forces. Keep track of enemy command and control facilities, tunnels, ammunition depots, officers, etc.

Locals should watch out for rebels attempting to infiltrate into the area. Roadblocks and checkpoints with barriers may be set up. Vehicles searched and identification checked.

Government Tactics

Some Special Forces soldiers may hide out and act as Forward Observers or artillery spotters, and secretly call in artillery and air strikes on large gatherings of enemy rebels, enemy command posts and headquarters, etc. The strikes must be precise and civilian casualties must be avoided at all cost. May find Laser Target Designators useful for airstrikes using precision guided munitions.

Pretend to be agents from a sympathetic nation and establish contact with the rebels.

Pretend to go over to the side of the rebels. Spy on the rebels or kill the rebels from within. Target rebel leadership and foreign agents first.

Plant hidden tracking devices in certain vehicles, equipment and weapons and allow them to be captured by the rebels. Small tracking device hidden in the butt stock of a rifle, electronic equipment, a pickup truck, anti-tank guided missile launcher, etc.

Rifles left behind for rebels with exploding ammunition inside. Instead of gunpowder, the ammunition is filled with a high explosive. Destroys or severely damages the weapon and the user.

Use of Stay Behind Forces

If enemy forces overrun an area, government troops can hide out in the jungle, forest, desert, or urban areas (wearing civilian clothes), and wage a guerrilla war against the invaders. These soldiers act as a Stay Behind Force. This may be a unit that is specially trained in guerrilla warfare.

Examples of Stay Behind Forces:

Operation Gladio
NATO forces preparation for guerrilla warfare against Soviet forces in the event of the Soviet military overrunning Western Europe. Secret arms caches. Western intelligence agencies formed close connections to far right wing groups and criminal organizations. These groups would form the nucleus of the anti-Soviet resistance forces.

British Auxiliary units during World War 2

Illustrations of hidden facilities used by British Auxiliary Units

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