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Guerrilla Technology

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The Use of Lasers

Laser troops

Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) bombs
Used to shut down enemy electrical equipment on the battlefield and any enemy operations using electricity within a city for instance.

EMP device operation diagram in theory

EMP troops
Carry equipment or weapons that send out an electro magnetic pulse. The main element carries the device. Security elements may also be used to protect the main element. After disrupting or disabling the electrical equipment or the electrical grid of the enemy, follow up attacks may be done. Follow up attacks may consist of raids on certain facilities, more EMP attacks, etc.

EMP missiles or rockets

Computer hacking

Hacking into enemy drones.
2009- The U.S. military admits that Iraqi guerrillas were able to hack into U.S. drones and view live images from the drones cameras. Some allegedly used software as cheap as $26 called SkyGrabber. Why the U.S. government would make this issue known and then seemingly advertise a product to do it with remains unclear.

Electronically commandeering enemy drones

Captured U.S. RQ-170 unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) on display

04 DEC 11- Iran captures a U.S. RQ-170 Sentinel unmanned aerial vehicle flying over Iranian airspace.
04 DEC 12- Iranian Revolutionary Guard forces capture a U.S. Navy Scan Eagle drone. The drone was flying in Iranian airspace in the Persian Gulf.
02 JAN 13- Iran states that two U.S. RQ-11 Raven drones had been captured over the past two years and that information off the drones were retrieved. The drones were flying over Iranian airspace.

Night Vision Equipment
FLNC member with Night Vision Goggles (NVG)

Infravision Equipment

Advanced Optics

Hezbollah guerrillas with observation scopes

Advanced Radio and Communications Equipment

Tamil Tiger (LTTE) guerrillas with radio equipment

IRA guerrilla with Eurosonic EU40 citizen ban transceiver radio.

Cellular Phone Blocking equipment
Used to block incoming and outgoing cellular phone calls.

Radio Controlled Weapons
The use of radio controlled (RC) toy aircraft as improvised Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV).
Cameras added.

Radio Controlled (RC) toy aircraft armed with explosive warhead that detonates upon impact. Flown into enemy buildings, vehicles, etc.

Large radio controlled (RC) toy aircraft used to drop bombs, small bomblets, flechettes, etc.  over enemy positions.

The use of radio controlled (RC) toy boats and ground vehicles.

Remote Controlled Weapons (Remote Operated or Robotic Weapons)

Pictures from an Al Ansar video showing a Remote Controlled anti-aircraft gun.

Remote controlled sniper rifle.

The potential use of the tankette in modern warfare.

The tankette is a small, light tank with usually a two man crew consisting of a driver and commander. Initially intended for scouting and light infantry support. Due to their light armor and vulnerability to high caliber weapons, the use of the tankette was abandoned by most nations after World War 2.

Japanese Type 92 tankette

 Japanese Type 94 tankette

 Japanese Type 97 tankette

Polish TKS tankette

Czechoslovakian vz 33 tankette

The further technological development of tankettes could lead to the creation of armored Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV). Perhaps heavier armor and the addition of remote operating system.

The German Wiesel 2 armored vehicle is considered a modern day tankette. It can be configured in a variety of different ways and even has an ambulance variant.

3D printers can be used to make gun magazines, spare parts for guns and even entire guns!

3D printed hand grenades

Cellular Phone blocking or jamming devices used to block emergency calls made by the enemy on cellular phones.



Members of GRAPO issue a video communique.

Members of the Basque ETA issue a video communique.

Attacks, communiques, etc. can be recorded on video and put on Compact Disk (CD) and sold for fund raising or even handed out for free. CD's can be used instead of downloading and uploading videos on the internet. The internet is tightly watched and controlled by government forces.

Underground Radio station

Secret Printing Press

Distribution of Leaflets



Painting slogans

"Yankee Go Home"
"Brits Out"

Painting wall murals


"Ransom Note" or "Poison Pen letter" style communique

Armed Propaganda
Armed actions by the guerrillas serve as propaganda in itself. This type of propaganda may also include simply the displaying of arms by the guerrillas in a poster or video.

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