Saturday, February 14, 2015

Modern Guerrilla Warfare

Guerrilla Warfare

Unconventional Warfare

Asymmetrical Warfare

Partisan Warfare


This document is simply an accumulation of notes on strategy, tactics, and techniques used by different sources from all over the world. These sources include national armies, guerrilla armies, mercenaries, spy agencies, assassins, thieves, etc. This document was written with the defense of a small nation or a guerrilla army in mind. Most of the strategies and tactics have been used successfully throughout the years, while some are simply ideas or theories.

I will try to add as many pictures as possible to make my point. I will also try to add as much information on sources and actual usage in history as I can as well.

Also keep in mind that many intelligence agencies monitor internet activity and Google related sites such as Blogger and Youtube have been linked to the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA). This document was created for informational purposes.


Click on the links and scroll down to find the particular section of interest.

Strategy (Includes conventional and unconventional strategies)

Tactics (Including sections on Ambushing, Sabotage, Urban combat, Camouflage, Infiltration, Inducing Fratricide, etc)

Artillery Tactics

Guerrilla Air Force (Unconventional Air Force)

Guerrilla Navy (Unconventional Navy)


Roadside Bombs

Assassination (Assassins, Military Assassins, Hitmen, etc.)


Booby Traps





Smuggling (Smuggling by land, air and sea)

Military Vehicle Stealing and Commandeering


Guerrilla Special Forces (Sappers, Naval Special Forces and the use of special "anti" units)

Support Units (Includes Medical units, Transportation units, etc.)

Guerrilla Logistics

Military Desertion


Government (Includes information on a Guerrilla Government or Secret Government, and a Shadow Government or the Continuity of Government)

Improvised Armored Vehicles

Improvised Weapons

Improvised Equipment

Dual Use Equipment

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Beware of pdf publication by government institution, this book was in the list of a pretty known